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Sorry for such a wait between posts everyone! We are in Vietnam now and the internet can be a bit tempermantal!

So, after Vientianne we headed off to Vang Viang. Vang Vieng is clustered around a river and neslted between huge limestone karst hills. But the main reason backpackers seen to go is to float down the river in a rubber ring whilst drinking lots and lots of free shots!!

Our first day in arriving we had a look around andf found a guesthouse for only 40'000kip a night (around 2 pounds!). We headed out for a look around but ended up in a bar talking with the owner mat and playing drinking jenga! Well, when in rome!

We ended up at our hotel quite pickled but sat and drank a bit of whiskey/rum with the owners. (a very hard job when they dont speak english and we dfont speak Laos!)

The next day we woke and went to the weekend market for a look about. We then went to the pool for a bit after lunch and in the evening met 6 other people in our guesthouse and drank alot of loas whiskey!! Bed time was far to late!!

Tubing Day!!! The others we had met and ourselves were all feeling very very rough after the whisker but we all decided today was the day we should float down the river in rubber rings. Well, Kat was soooooo hungover that she couldnt drink a drop, and chjris woke up sooooooo drunk he was nearly falling over after a couple of drinks!! We did float all the way down the river though, and apart from chris falling in and thinking he moght drtown, it was very beautiful.

After a couple more pool days we were off to Luang Prabang!!!!

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