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Views from our walk around Williwaw Campground







Portage Creek

South Fork Portage Creek

Portage Lake with Burns Glacier in background




I have hot water!! Life is soooo good!!!

We have been without hot water since I can’t remember when. Gene had changed all the fuses and done everything he knew how. Turned out to be the circuit board. The folks at Valley RV did a splendid job and had us out of there within a couple hours.

We made our way through Anchorage, the largest city we’ve been in since I can’t remember when. We had heavy traffic for about 40 miles and it seemed to take forever. There is no interstate, but both Alaska 3 and Alaska 1 are three lanes in each direction. You had the feel of interstate with the high speeds and millions of motorists. Once we reached the city limits of Anchorage, we had traffic lights. We both had our eyes open for merging traffic, passing traffic, and abrupt turns and traffic signals. We got through it unscathed.

On the south side of town, we had a pleasant drive with Turn Again Arm to our right and the mountains to our left. I made a few pictures, but they just didn’t turn out well. The sun was too bright causing a harsh glare on the water and there was also quite a bit of haze hanging over the mountains. Not so pretty.

We are now settled at Williwaw Campground in Chugach National Forest on the road to Whittier. What a wonderful campground. The interior roads are paved as well as the sites. This is almost unheard of in a National Forest campground. We were expecting gravel. The sites are large, of course, and we have a fantastic view of Middle Glacier out our dining window.

Because the sun was shining this afternoon and weather can change so quickly here, we drove over to the Information Center at Portage Glacier to make a few photos. Portage Glacier has receded so much over the past several years, that it is no longer visible without taking one of the cruises on the lake. However, in the lake there are a few pieces of the glacier which have calved off and are floating freely.

This seems like one of those places where we might like to hang out for a few days. We’ll see what happens. It is so very peaceful here. There are a few trails between our campground, Black Bear campground, the other day use areas and the Portage Glacier Information center. Those would also be fun to investigate.

Tomorrow, we have reservations for a cruise around Prince William Sound from Whittier. Definitely looking forward to that.

So, I think that covers it for today. Thanks for tagging along.

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