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Facing the main plaza

local bank

local character

Valle de Cocora

Palma de Cera (wax palms)

Military outpost

One mother of a palm oldy worldy cowboy town, where the architecture is made up of lots of differing and vibrant colours. The characters around the town provide great entertainment and people watching opportunities. We organise a jeep to visit the Valle de Cocora to see the Palms de Cera...the world's tallest palms, which grow up to sixty metres.

These amazingly tall, thin wax palms have now been declared Colombia's national tree and placed under protection.

Talking of protection, whilst we were hiking in this area, having abandoned our mules, we stumbled into a military camp...all a little bit of a surprise on both parts...they said not to go any further and we didn't feel in any position to argue the point!!!

Beating a retreat back to town we stopped to sample the delicious, local trout before heading back to the smoke!

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