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Muskrat Dens

Where's the next restroom? This one doesn't work.

South Dakota flooding




Birds only

Snake Creek Campsite

We took a walk this morning. It sprinkled on and off, but it was at least cool. We found a nest of baby swallows at one of the roof coverings for a picnic table. We saw a white tailed deer with a fawn, squirrels, cardinal and oriole. We even saw some birds we hadn’t seen before. There were cottontail rabbits every where. We saw some half grown ones. They weren’t too afraid and we got pretty close to them. Callie got real interested in one when she spotted it out the back window.

We had to run into Platte to get groceries and fill up with fuel. Believe it or not, we pulled in to fill up and had someone come out and fill our tank for us and even washed the window. Yes, that’s right, a full service gas station. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen that. I didn’t think there were any left. When we were in Oregon, we had someone fill our tank for us, but that’s the law. Customers can’t fill their own tank.

We did see something we hadn’t seen before. There were 2 motorcycles that were pulling trailers that came into the campground the same time as us. Later, we walked by their campsite. They had opened the trailers and they turned into a tent over top of the trailer. You could stand up and walk into the tent and then crawl into the bed of the trailer to sleep. It was pretty cool. We were going to get a picture of them the next morning, but they had already left.

One sign I have never seen is the” Clean Birds Here”. For those of you that don’t know, South Dakota is a great place to go to hunt Ring-Necked Pheasants. They must have people stay in the campgrounds while hunting; and, of course, need a place to clean their birds.

We have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow. We are driving to Sturgis, SD. It’s about 30 miles past Rapid City. We said we weren’t going to go that far in one day, but we want to get across South Dakota and into the hills where it’s a little cooler. We aren’t used to the heat and humidity. It’s been so cool since we left and we are having trouble adjusting to the warmer weather. Yes, I know what the temperature is in Gilbert (118 degrees), but you get used to the nice cool temperatures with low humidity and it’s hard to adjust, especially when you can go somewhere else to get away from the heat. We should all have this problem. I’ll let you know what it’s like when we get there.

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