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We left Hart Ranch around 9:20 a.m. after breaking camp and filling the motor home with gas at the Ranch station.

Not much to report about the trip except that it was windy most of the way. Certainly adds interest to the trip maintaining control with continuous cross winds and occasional strong gusts. Always grateful for the blessing of safe arrival. At one point on this leg of the trip, I pointed out to Suzi what looked like a large lake. Roadside signs referred to Cedar Cove (or something like that)boat access, etc. Finally, we saw that we were going to cross a bridge over that huge lake. The lake turned out to be the Missouri River. The words of the song "across the wide Missouri" came to mind. In that area and many others we saw our first signs of the flooding that has been in the news the last several weeks.

We got to Red Barn RV Campground around 5:00 p.m. The campground is cute and somewhat rustic but doesn't quite live up to the advertisement of large, shady sites. I think that this is probably the most cramped campground that we have ever experienced. The plus side is the pull-through...so we don't have to unload the Vibe and unhook the dolly...and, we have full hook-up, including sewer.

Suzi cooked up a great dinner of Parmesan Chicken and cooked vegetables. We then watched he remainder of a movie that we had started last night.

Unfortunately, Suzi lost her balance moving past a stool and caught herself on the cookie sheet just out of the oven. She burned a spot on her hand pretty bad. Immediately applied ice and cold pack, followed by an application of Aloe Vera. I hope it heals quickly without too much pain. Right now she says the pain is taking her mind off of the pain from the rib and sternum tissue inflammation that she has been suffering for a couple of months now. It certainly takes away somewhat from her ability to enjoy the trip as much as she had planned to all these months. But, she is a trooper and is really trying hard.

We will be leaving in the morning for St. Joseph, Missouri. That is, if I can work the motor home and dolly out of this tight space, around the tight corner up against the parked cars next door in order to get to the exit.

Will let you know tomorrow how that goes.

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