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We headed from Chiang Mai to vang vien on an over night bus. Left at 7pm and arrived at 2pm. LONG trip. No problems on the border crossing, just alot of waiting around for it to open and what not. Vang Vien is a huge party town with not much else to do. It had been raining for the last week almost non-stop, and well the town is on a river and is knows for its river bars. People get in inter tubes, and float from bar to bar to get buckets of different alcohols. Since it had rained so much, the town was flooded, the bars had been washed away, the island was under water, and the bridges were gone. The day we got there some guy jumped off a bridge into the river and drowned, guess that was out of stupidity. the first day we were there we just relaxed, as it was raining, we met a super nice guy at the hostel and sat and watched movies. the next day the rain had stopped so we decided to get motorbikes again to explore the area. There are caves, and waterfalls all around the only problem is the roads are all dirt so when we tried to go up them on our bikes, we got sttuck and had to go back to the main road. we went up the main road about 20km and turned around. the scenery is amazing, on one side of the river is rolling hills with jungles and on the other side of the river are huge rock cliffs jetting up. We stopped at an organic farm for lunch which made some amazing goat cheese. We ran into two other people checking out the farm one was australian and the other was...get this Lao-American. Born in lao but lives in usa now, so great to chat and get an idea of the culture without the language barrior. YES there is a huge language barrior in lao, people dont speak much english at all and it can be difficult. Luckily I am ok at charades so I can act things out ok. Anyways we all went to check out the river bars that had supposedly been flooded. There was still one open. So we went down the river where he music was bumping and people were dancing on tables and having a blast. There was a waterfall type hose that squirt water onto the deck people were dancing under the water and sitting around chatting, having lime fights with random people, mud wrestling, all craziness. As the day went on, more and more people were showing up and eventually the deck where everyone dances was full. It was shaking quite a bit from all the dancing, and the river was literally under the deck. it seemed more like a dock. I was sitting at a picnic table when i hear the music stop, and look over and see a crowd of heads fall down into the river. the entire deck had crashed into the flowing river. People screamed and scrambled to get out. No serious injuries, just a few sprained or broken ankles. We head back to the hostel with the two guys we met and relaxed(the Australian dude hurt his foot in the fall). The next day it was raining again and the electricity was out all day so we literally sat and ate and chilled out with the dude from the hostel (greg) until the electricity went back on. Our last day there we decided to check out the river to see if tubing was on. There were people on tubes and some more of the bars had opened but the river seemed still too fast to get in. So we relaxed at mojito bar (the one that collapsed two nights earlier was already re-built). It was raining all day yet we still managed to dance and hang out in the rain. I lost coral at some point (she decided to go down the river with some people) so i went back to town with Alex the german lime fighting champion who i met 2 days earlier. After being in town for 3 days i felt like we knew everyone and it felt kind of like i was back home with friends i had known forever. Sitting around watching movies, relaxing, chatting, stopping in the street to catch up on stories from the day. I even got to know a lao guy pretty well, we owned the hostel, and was super nice and chill. I have decided there is not too much to lao culture except they are quiet, mellow and laugh and smile alot. I am quite a fan of it here.The hostel even hired greg to work there 3 hours a day to be a sales person and get people into the hostel. He got free meals, drinks, and bed. I was kind of thinking I could do something like that to really get to know a place, but not this time. I had my last night with coal and I was to go to Vientian and she was going to Bangkok the next day. SAD DAY

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