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One of many animals on the roof, on a statue!!

Interesting stairways and interesting people.

These are real, but why are they in reception?

No photos yet, but with a city this big where do you start? It feels like being in a bond movie, with all the huge architecture and grandeur I am expecting a car chase to happen any minute and it seems the guards are waiting too. We are stuck on how to plan our next steps, whether to start on the west coast, make our way south towards Machu Pichu and then onwards to Bolivia then to finish with a big back track to Lima via bus/plane/train, OR to do it in reverse? Will let Mr Blog know later.


Thought we would get a few photos of our hostel in before we left. It is a bountiful Mansion filled with wonder and intrigue. This place should be labelled as a museum. I will let the photos do the talking.

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