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Not Sure About The Fly Swatter...

...But The Food Was Great

June 30, 2011

This was a day for relaxing and taking it easy. Brenda had a hair appointment scheduled for 3:30 but otherwise we had nothing definite. Rosmarie went into the office and would return to take Brenda for her hair cut.

On our previous drive to the Fabrik, we had passed a roadside restaurant that showed promise so we decided to strike out for there for lunch. Using my unerring sense of direction, we were soon lost before I wisely turned on the GPS. With Tom Tom’s help we were there in a matter of minutes and found it a bit cool outside so we chose to dine inside. We were wondering what we were in for when we saw that every table had a fly swatter laying on it.

With some trepidation, we scanned the untranslated menu and were further flummoxed when the lovely waitress spoke no English either. She returned to our table with a large gentleman with the look of a classic German burgermeister. He spoke perfect English and turned out to be the owner and chef. He took away our menus and showed us a blackboard with the 2 daily specials on it. The first was a specially purchased sausage from Lausanne served with sour potato salad and the second a chicken with pasta in a mushroom sauce.

Penny and I opted for the sausage after our host had delivered a couple of delicious samples to our table while Brenda chose the Chicken and pasta. They were both absolutely delicious and went well with my Feldschlossen beer and the girl’s rosé wine. We ended up being only slightly bothered by the flies…we were probably more concerned about the idea of the swatter on the table.

We returned to Rosmarie’s in time for Brenda’s appointment and, as it was a cooler day, I undertook to pressure wash the patio. I was just finishing up 2 hours later when the girls returned, just in time for a refreshing glass of rosé on the balcony. Rosmarie whipped up a tasty chicken and rice dish for dinner and I made it an early night with my back stiffening up a little from my pressure washing efforts.

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