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Another gorgeous day in Northern Nevada. Sky is just a deep blue mixed with huge white culumimbus clouds and a 10 MPH breeze. I made us the best omelets with bacon, red peppers, and cheese on my Coleman stove outside the RV. I am getting good at omelet making, so Sandie says. As NV93 is not a great biking road due to the lack of any kind of shoulder, I decided to take Sandie's mountain bike for a ride into the mountains. Because we are at 6,000 feet any exercise requires a lot of water. Fortunately we bought me a Camel while at Zion and it came in handy today. I would have gone for a run but I did a 7 miler while in Elko yesterday. All the roads off 93 are dirt and dusty. They call the roads off 93 prospector roads, as prospectors searching for gold cut most of the roads that exist there. After obtaining a map and some suggestions from the office off I went. The ride was fairly flat but slowly rose in elevation. There are a number of spur roads off the one I was on so I had to keep track of where I was going. It was great biking although Sandie's bike is too small for me and the seat stem needed to be up as far as it would go. The good news is it has the best seat I've ever ridden compared to my hard skinny road bike seat. I took my video camera and stopped to take pictures of horses at a ranch, views of the mountains, a number of shots of cattle out in the middle of no where. I have no idea how the ranchers keep track of them. I mean I was way out like 15 miles from nowhere and there would be like 4-5 of them munching away. At one point on my way back, I literally ran into an entire herd of cattle. As I was coming down a hill they were all on one side of the road and a few in the middle. Well my brakes squeak and it scarred the herd and they stampede literally across the road just missing me. I stopped to take a video of them. Well they did not look happy and a few bulls looked like they were going to charge after me. So I hastily got on the bike and took off. As I looked back the entire herd were watching me bike my but down the road. They were probably wondering what on earth is a guy doing peddling a bike in the middle of nowhere. What a riot. I have to say one thing, those animals have the best views there are.

The return ride was tiring especially the last few miles. Mountain biking and road biking a two different sports. You can't believe how much dust was on the bike and me. Washed down the bike and took a needed shower. After a few rum and cokes I felt much better.

While peddling my butt out on the range, Sandie spent time talking to the neighbors of which there are many and relaxing.

Dinner: Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, grilled sweet potato, coleslaw and whole wheat roll.

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