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Jenny Ready to Zip

Jenny ready to zip, superman style

Ric also, but bat was better. Watch the vid for awesome

Songo again, loves the warmth from peoples neck

Blue Macaw now named Houdini, for his escapes are numerous

New Arival, a baby Tyra

This last week has been an interesting one. New arrivals, things happening, things not.

There were two new individual arrivals consisting of Alex (F) and Ja-No (M), the next day we got a new batch of International Student Volunteers (ISV), with their leader Malo. A much more closed goup with chit chat being difficult to get out of them (save for the usual few). Their leader however was a bundle of joy (sarcasm), we could see the groups annoyance of him, including our own. We wont go into detail, but he definitely slowed things down and made it difficult for us (and the group) regarding the animals and general organising.

Amoungst the humans there was also a new animal, albeit an unexpected one. A baby Tayra on wednesday strolled into thr family´s house at the bottom of the hill. Either he knew it was an animal sanctuary or blind luck, but with no mother in sight, he has made new home.

This week has been a big week for the rest of the animals, most of the Capauchins have made their way to the new centre along with some of the birds and plans are on the way fr the rest of the animals. This has made it more difficult to feed as the new centre is 20 minutes away, but once the new house is up then every one will be down there.

Sadly for us, this won´t be the case, as we are now currently back in Quito (an easy day trip) and ready for our flight for Peru (lima), even if it is a 6 am taxi. Machu Pichu, here we come.

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