Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Shirley's cousin Barbara and grandaughter Mckenzie

Gettin' set to SOAR

Way up there

Beauty of a day

Look ma, no engine

Don't pull that joy switch Izzy

Just got out of my flight

WWII fighter glider, honestly

National Soaring Museum

Which way is the launch pad

My brother in law Ray and I got the baseball beers

Base hit

Peggy, Ray, moi

Leona and Dale enjoying the game

Put me in coach

Started out the day with Shirley having breakfast with a cousin and then we installed an air conditioner into Shirley's mother's trailer. Never did this before but now we have the experience to do it again. Hauled (in the big honkin' dually) a recliner rocker to Shirley's sister Paula's house and if that wasn't enough fun for the day we took off for the wild blue yonder, literally. Drove up to the top of Harris Hill to the Soaring (Gliding) Capital of the US. As a retirement gift Shirley received a certificate to soar in a non powered glider 6000 feet up! Amazingly her work gave me one too! We have done this before and loved it. A picture perfect day for soaring, low 80's, puffy white clouds and updrafts. Spectacular views and quiet. Not much noise if there is no engine! After soaring we went to a baseball game at historic Dunn Field in Elmira NY. My brother in laws Ray, his wife Peggy and (cherry pickin') Dale and Leona joined us. A perfect night for a home team Pioneer win in this college wooden bat league. Nice to be with Ray who I have not seen for 11 years and his wife Peggy who I have never met. So how is Ray is my brother in law if I never met his wife? He was married to Shirley's sister Connie who sadly died from a fall. Life throws us curve balls. Sometimes we strike out and hopefully we learn to hit the breaking pitch to right. We are very happy for Ray and Peggy. Enjoy the pics.

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