Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Cherry Pickin'

I admit I ate a few

Dale and Leona

Finger Lake Seneca


Shirley and sis Leona

Shirley, Marcette, Thelma, moi

A beautiful day on the Southern Tier of NY and we drove up past Watkins Glen on Seneca Lake to pick cherries with Shirley's sister Leona and her husband Dale. What scenery! We picked a lot of cherries at $2 a pound, not bad. We did however have an encounter with a hidden tree stump and our drivers side running board suffered the brunt. Just a bracket that can be fixed and nothing mechanical. We stopped for lunch in Montour Falls then headed home to Aunt Clara's backyard. The big honkin' dually and camper got washed which makes it the forth time, average about once a month. We had a nice dinner with Shirley's mom and friend Marcette at a Chinese buffet. More visiting with relatives. Aunt Clara is in a rehab center and hopes to come home soon and a variety of visits with Shirley's cousin Donna Hess and others. Never know who is going to pop in. Off to go soaring today and we are both very excited! And then a baseball game. Enjoy the pics.

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