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Approaching our campground

Yep, its a fairgrounds


Another peaceful night sleeping at Uncle Wally's.

Decide since we won't be seeing his friend in Sioux Falls, maybe I can call a dealer there and see about getting that fan cover fixed? They don't open though until I wait. Call them back and he tells me that he can't work us in. Too busy. First time we've been told that on our trip.

Suggests that if we're going straight up 29, to see if Fargo or even Bismarck since we're going that way. Find a dealer in Bismarck...nope, they're swamped, can't get to us for two weeks.

I tell Sam, well since we don't really have to be in Bismarck right now, we might as well go back to St. Cloud, MN and have them fix their error. He agrees.

I am on hold for the service advisor in St. Cloud and I hear Sam doing something. He yells, it works. I hang up the phone.

Okay, another DSO moment for me---you have to hold the button down, not just do a quick release. Life is good again.

Get on the road (so easy when you stay at Uncle Wally's).

Decide it's a foo foo coffee kind of morning for me. Google and find one about .5 away and it's on the way to the interstate (our mode of traveling today :/ As we're pulling out of the parking lot, a DARE vehicle is sitting there...he smiles and waves.

Spot the little coffee place and up ahead is a gas station and a video store behind it. Looks like I can fit in the parking lot between them and we'll just walk across the street. Oh my, a double set of double yellows. The retired cop tells me I can't go across me :-)

Get our coffee and on the road we go.

Road construction getting on the ramp. Construction guys staring and what a bunch of chicken you know what. Can they say something when I'm even with them...nope, getting on the ramp and I hear one of them yell to someone else, hey there's a lady driver in the rv....." Probably good I was out of waving range!

Notice a billboard for a casino (food and gambling, is that all we do?) up the road. That'll be a good stop for us.

Oh crap, have a cross wind...but the 'Bama and I have it covered. Hoping when we get on the next road, it'll be gone. Mr. Positive says, unless the wind shifts by then :-)

Wind is better, until we take the turn for the casino. It just opened June 9...and yes, it took the little bit we had decided to lose.

Sam has decided he wants to drive.

Wind is at 24 mph. He doesn't care. At a rest stop, I ask if he wants to stay a while since it's suppose to break about 4 pm. Nope. High water, flooding, high winds, problem for him. Funny, how I've become more concerned with that sort of thing than him. Probably cuz I'm always looking at weather forecasts and he's whatever!

Originally we were going all the way to Fargo, ND and spend the night. But after looking at weather forecasts and all the warnings about flooding in the area, we hang a left and we're going to stop at Aberdeen, SD for the night. That will be a 200 mile day and leave 200 miles for the final leg tomorrow.

Find a campground that looks decent in Aberdeen. I didn't realize the city was so big. Of course, we follow the directions, but don't see it. Going to go down the road and make a left, right, right, to get back where we should be.

Oh what's that? 4 H Campground at the Fairgrounds. We see some rv's and decide to pull in. Full hook-ups $15/night. We're good.

Finally had to put on the a/c. It's really hot here. As Sam is hooking up, the fair manager comes by and hands him an envelope for our payment and tells him where the paystation is. Checks or money orders only.

Going to go into town and Perkins for dinner. As we're pulling out, we want to see where we missed our turn. Look to the left, it should have been there. Drive a little forward to the stop sign, and look straight ahead. There's a big lake (how did we miss that). Yep that was where we were suppose to go. Took a right instead of a left. We seem to do that alot.

Dinner was just okay. Not very good service. Go and check out the truck stop since we'll need to fuel up for tomorrow's trip.

I did some researching on where we can stay in Bismarck/Mandan area. Found a very interesting state park. Going to book---shoot. It's closed because of the Missouri River Flooding. Sam said it's probably underwater.

Find a KOA (last resort). All booked. Oh yes, we forgot that it's 4th of July weekend. How we could do that I don't know since his friend wants us to stay over the holiday and go to the local festivities (the jury is still out on that one). I really like Larry and Rachael, but we would basically be there for five days. That will only leave us 14 days to get to the camping spot with the kids on July 19th and there is still lots for us to see west of North Dakota. They both we would be spinning our thumbs. We'll see.

Told Sam it appears that the Elks is the best and only choice. No hook ups and he's worried about the heat. I do a google search and there aren't any homes around there so we should be okay to run the generator for the a/c. Hopefully when we get there tomorrow, there'll be room for us.

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