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What big eyes we had--actually, this is just a typical breakfast. I...

Just a random couple that came in after we did---check out how...

Special requests are gladly handled. Noticed the "good" beer is from the...

Couldn't get a good shot through the plexiglass



Yep, it's twine

It helps when you "know" someone who will volunteer to unlock the...

The positions we won't take to get a good shot for a...

Still laying on the concrete for that good shot

Our rv park for the night.

It felt kinda strange just 'Bama and I headed down the road together this morning. Sam was following in the jeep as we only had about 7 miles to go to the dealer. Get there without incident and early.

After giving the service advisor our list, he says, he thinks it'll be a couple of hours. Okie, dok, know of a good local place for breakfast. He says if it was him, he'd go to Nelson Brothers, down the interstate.

Well we know right where that is, because it's the turn off to the campground we had stayed at for two nights.

Off we go.

Very cute interior, with rustic, timber-like furniture. Very busy, but we also know that doesn't mean squat!

They have a bakery on site (oh my mom would have been going crazy) as well as a deli and a gift shop.

I want french toast, but it's only made with their special homemade fritter bread

and I'm not sure about that. Waitress comes by and when I say it's a toss up between cheese omelette and the french toast, oh she can just give me a slice of the french toast in place of the regular toast. What kind do I want? Jeeze, ok, raspberry.

Sam opts to have a typical breakfast of eggs, hash browns, sausage, and pancakes. He asks her if the pancakes are really big, oh yay, she says, he asks to have them made smaller. He's also gambling with their wild rice sausage.

Food comes out and we both have to say it was excellent. I was very surprised to like the fritter french toast. It sure was smelling good when we walked by the bakery later. I was tempted to buy a loaf for the freezer, but really, what would we do with it. Thought of my mom, but the baker said it's good "about" a month. Better not take a chance.

I go into the gift shop and wonder where Sam is. Finally he comes in and says he thought I had gone into the bathroom and was waiting outside (for a really long time). While I keep looking (I'm going to ship a package home later, so I have made room in 'Bama!), Sam decides to go to the trucker shop and see if he can find a deer whistle for 'Bama. His trucker brother has told him they just clip onto the side mirror.

Apparently, the trucker shop is way the heck out back and the clerk suggested the auto parts store across the street might have them. We're headed that way anyway, but first, have a request from someone back home for a couple cases of some special Leinekugel's beer. Sam is going to see if that got a shipment of Schlitz in (ar ar). Instead he settles for Pabst.

As Sam exits the car to go into the auto part store, I tell him not to get one that has to be attached with adhesive. I sit inside and organize my "stuff" for the package I'm mailing to the grandson.

A few minutes go by and here he comes...the great hunter with his purchase in hand. He says, it attaches with adhesive. WHAT! Are you kidding me? He thought I said not to get something that has to be drilled into 'Bama. Okay, how is what I said and what he heard even remotely close? Ricky, I do believe you are getting aids for those ears for Christmas! Of course, he won't take it back. Me, being the take back queen would have, but it's not my thing. I tell him maybe he can plastic tie it on, but adhesive is NOT going on 'Bama!

The post office is right next door, so I run in with my stuff and leave him to stew in the jeep over his deer whisle. I take all my stuff out and tell the clerk what I want to do. She tells me the most economical way to ship it and we discuss my grandson and her son as she packs it for me. Even straps it close. All I have to do is fill out the address. Of course, when she initially asked me for the zip of where it was going, I had to look it up---been gone too long I guess!

Go out to the jeep and Sam and his deer whistle are still there :-)

Get back to the dealership and go to the waiting room. We just spread ourselves out like we own the, laptop, and iPad. And plugging them in as well to charge. Sam advises the service adviser we're back and he says just about done.

Well, a little while later, the tech working on 'Bama comes in and tells us what he's done and hasn't done. The cover for the tv that doesn't always close automtically, "how much time do I want him to spend on that"? Seriously. Bad customer service I thought. I told Sam later, I would have just tried it a few times and then told the customer that I couldn't get it to do what they were saying. But, really, "how much time do you want me to spend on it"

Our black tank had been showing full for about a week (even after dumping). He asked if we had heard of dropping ice cubes in the toilet before taking off. Nope, we were pretty incredulous. No, he says that works. He emptied the icemaker in the toilet and is going to drive 'Bama and see what that does. Now, you can imagine Mr. Ice Tea is thinking what will be chilling his ice tea when we get to our next stop.

He asks me where the remote is and I tell him. After he leaves, I realize he doesn't need it to raise the tv so I go in search of him. He's coming to find me because he can't find the remote!

A few more minutes go by and I thought I caught a glimpse of 'Bama flying by. Didn't see her come back though. A few more minutes and I see a tech getting into another class A and driving away. I look at Sam..wasn't that our guy...he thought the same thing.

Finally, the service advisor comes and goes over the stuff. Yay, the ice cubes worked, because the black tank is now registering empty...$$$ out of our pocket-not a warranty issue.

Sam had been wanting to go to Sioux Falls, SD, but I told him it was too far out of the way since we were going to Bismarck, ND. Well, now that we were where we were, it was doable, but I wasn't too happy that there was flooding alerts there. I called one of the campgrounds and ask about flooding. Oh, there's no flooding in the campground (how evasive is that?). I said what about AROUND the campground. Oh, she responds by the Sioux River. Still evasive. I ask how far is she---oh, about 2 miles---no thank you and I hang up!

I tell Sam we can go that direction, but we aren't going all the way there until I get confirmation from his friend on the flooding status.

We finally get hooked up and on the road about 2pm. I knew we would be going near the world's biggest ball of twine, so we'd have to stop. Sure enough, there it is.

Went inside the store/meusem and was mentioning how it was too bad that with the plexiglass, I couldn't get a good picture. Oh, he'll just go out and unlock the door for me!!!

Out we go and once he unlocks it, he sits on the step a little bit away. I'm still trying to get a good shot. He mentions that once he looked out and a young lady was laying on the cement. He was afraid something was wrong, but she was just trying to get a good picture.

Well, heck, nothing too good for my friend Jill. Down I go on the cement, snapping pictures. Sam says he wishes he had his camera to take a picture of me.

Get myself dusted off and we're crossing the street when a car stops and the guy asks, ok, folks, where is it? I said are you from California. Cuz that's something we would have was right there! Man, this guy could talk..finally we escape.

I had thought we would make a stop at Schell's Brewery but it's still aways away and the last tour is at 4 pm---we aren't going to make it.

Traveled mostly county roads. So much nicer than the interstate. Less traffic, lots of farmland and the occasional town with a population of 500 or so.

During one of our pit stops, I look for Uncle Wally's on Streets and Trips (have I said how much I love that program?). Find one about 60 miles east of Sioux Falls. In the meantime, Sam is emailing his buddy.

Arrived at the Uncle Wally about 7pm. Don't even ask for permission, just park since we saw a trucker there. Plus, my Streets and Trips said it was okay!

Weather is really nice. Open windows, put out two of the slides and the antennae goes up.

Walk over to Uncle Wally's about 8pm. Deli has closed up, but they've put their leftovers in the hot bin. Sam picks up hot wings and wedges for him and I opt for some salami for my crackers. Not really hungry...remember we had that huge breakfast about 9:30 this morning.

Much later, Sam gets an email from his buddy. His mother-in-law had passed away and they had flown up to Great Falls, Montana and wouldn't be home till next week. That was sad.

Now, we'll just mosey up towards Bismarck tomorrow instead of in a day or two.

Later in the night, I think, I should probably check and make sure the stuff was really done. What-the electric fan cover won't open in the bathroom. I tell Sam and we're both kicking ourselves for not checking before we left the dealership.

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