Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Banquet Hall on left where our wedding reception was held

It was pretty large

Shirley's mother standing and her sister Aunt Clara

Nice digs

Much better than the Batavia campground, seriously

We left Western NY for the Southern Tier and Shirley's stompin' grounds. On the way we stopped off and saw the reception hall where we had our wedding reception and found a Flying J truck stop to dump our sewage. When I went to clean out the sewer hose I accidentally sprayed Shirley with the water. Not just sprayed but soaked her in less than 5 seconds. The look of shock on her face was priceless and I wish I had a camera. It was clean water and an accident and we were able to laugh about it. We are in Sayre PA as I write where Shirley's mother and step father live. Her mother and father are from this area but she grew up about 15 miles from here in Wellsburg NY part of the Elmira NY metro area. Many of her relatives live in the Elmira and Sayre area. We spent the day with Shirley's mom Thelma and her husband Richard. More of the same today but an expected trip to Elmira to see her sisters Leona and Paula, a trip to the Mark Twain grave site and study. Samuel Clemens married a girl from Elmira and came here often to write. Since we saw his home in Hartford CT we now have a greater appreciation for him than we had 40 years ago when we went to see his study. Dinner with Shirley's cousin Don and his wife Nancy tonight and a PGCL (Perfect Game College League) wooden bat baseball game Friday. Friday also looks like a good day for us to cash in Shirley's retirement gift of a soaring flight on Harris Hill in Elmira. Oh, we are staying in the back yard of Shirley's Aunt Clara. We have stayed in places not as nice as this for far more money. This is free and we have water and electric! Enjoy the pics.

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