Lorraway/Gaskin/Bolck Winter Escapade 2005 travel blog

Wayne and Clayton Japanese style

An idea of how golf courses are one of the most important...

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Part of the Canyon

Check out the dribble! Clayton having a microsleep.

Piggin' out at Excalibur Buffet


Our little plane of 17 took up off the tarmac on a lovely clear Vegas day on its way to the west rim of the Grand Canyon. The plane ride was quite an experience. Very windy so you can imagine how the plane scooped and dived and bumped around. A little breathtaking (mostly for Deb and the Japanese girl behind her who never let go of the handles - her knuckles were white!).

First we flew over the Colorado River onto Hoover Dam which was built in the 1930 and completed in 4 years - 2 years ahead of schedule. The city of Boulder was established to accommodate the thousands of workers and hence today the city is still thriving. The amount of concrete in the dam walls is equivalent to building a concrete freeway from one side of America to the other. Built to withstand 45,000 lbs of water pressure per square foot on the wall! Enough of history Clayton says.

Onto Lake Mead which is quite crystal clear and huge. The area is quite mountainous. The Grand Canyon was awesome. Photos cannot do it justice. The shear size of the drops of the walls is amazing.

Needless to say the flight took 1.5 hrs and was excellent. Would recommend it if you get the chance.

Hope you enjoy our photos.

We finished the day looking at the Hotels on the strip we didn't check out the day before and sat down to a wonderful feast. The Excalibur Hotel has this magnificent buffet - the American's really know how to put on a good feed - the food is something else. Especially the Mexican. Repeats a little but good food does!

So back into the car - heading back to Palm Springs. 16 miles west of Palm Springs there were police cars everywhere. (The police cars in US are exactly like the ones on TV!) A hold up at a casino had taken place and a shoot out with the cops. They finally cornered the culprits on the highway. Having shut down the freeway, at about 4 or 5 o'clock, the traffic was banked up for 32 miles! It was still like that at 10.45 when we passed through. Thank God we were on the other side.

So, we have had an earthquake about 20 miles away from us, a shoot out in the same town as us and some mini tornadoes in Canada (before we got there though). Seems like trouble follows! I wonder what will happen next. Stay tuned!

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