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Getty Museum

Mexican Band

Since our trip to the canyons and our adventures in Las Vegas, we have been chilling out in California. We are staying with Eva’s mother, Marjorie, who is doing a great job of spoiling us, which includes feeding us delicious vegetarian food and chauffeuring us around. Spending lazy mornings over breakfast, chatting in the warm sun as the days magically seem to disappear quicker than seems possible. We take afternoon strolls around the Wisteria Drive lookalike houses and swim in the warm pool in the garden as the sun beats down. We pick the bright oranges from the tree in the garden, reaching to get those highest up the tree to add to the breakfast fruit bowl or to Sangria. The garden flowers are rich in vibrant colours in the bright Californian days. In the evenings we go to open air music events. The first is a Beach Boys tribute band, which is excellent. Imagine the sounds of the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” as you sit in the evening sun. We wander around stalls which are selling great food and settle on eating baked potatoes with amazing toppings as we watch the band and the crowd. Another evening we see a Mexican band. The music is great and it is supplemented with Mexican folk dancing. Rather bizarrely we are sitting next to the blood donor van with signs everywhere saying “Quiet Area”, as we listen to the good, but VERY loud Mexican music. After hot days there is a chill in the air in the evenings as the sun goes down. We visit the Paul Getty Museum which contains Greek and Roman antiquities. The museum is built in the style of a roman villa and is beautiful with amazing and ancient artifacts that keep us enthralled for a whole day. Afterwards we drive along the beach and window shop in the art deco style shops of Santa Monica.

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