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Spirit Cave

Went straight to Waitomo on Monday morning to fit in the caving trip 'Spellbound'. It was really good, especially as there were only ten of us with the guide so we got to ask lots of questions. We visited two caves: Spirit Cave and Glow Worm Cave. Spirit Cave contained lots of impressive formations including stalactites and stalacmites. It was really well lit and easy to walk through as the path was only nine months old.

The glow worm cave was brilliant. Thousands of tiny green (blue if you are Douglas) lights twinkled above our heads as we stumbled in in total darkness and then rafted along the underground stream. Mum loved it! Sadly they don't react well to flash photography so we couldn't get any pictures, but David Bellamy filmed a documentary there which will be on TV in October if you really want to see them.

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