HELLO AGAIN!!! We arrived at my brother & sister-in-law's(Hugh & Lee)home in Rocklin,CA. on Father's Day,June 19th around 2:00PM. Went right to my niece's home for a WONDERFUL cookout of BBQ pork on the grill along with FRESH corn on the cob and of course very carefully hand chosen California wine. We watched Danny give my GREAT nieces and GREAT nephew a mini magic show while my brother insisted on imitating a fly in a chair and then laid on the floor to imitate a piece of sizzling bacon in a frying pan. Picture that in your heads!!

All of us have been getting things ready for our official take off date of July 1st for our adventure to Alaska. Starting tomorrow morning, my sister-in-law Lee will be baby sitting her twin granddaughters, Madison and Macie and her grandson, Talon until Thursday, while he daughter Bonnie and friend Kim take a little mini holiday. That's really good because it helps take all of our minds off of the BIG day and we won't be counting every single second.

Our BIG adventure this evening was while we all went out for ice cream, we encountered a homeless man that my niece's husband Peder ending up giving his shoes and socks he was wearing to and Danny and Hugh took up a collection of money to give to this man. He was very over whelmed as he cried. We all scurried into the car, hoping we wouldn't have to see a possible robbery taking place!! The whole evening was NUTS like that. Sometimes you just can't believe what can materialize out of nothing and the whole scenario didn't cost a dime. Night to all!!!! LUV

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