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The Average Critter in our Kitchen, as big as your hand

Our other cat, Lea

One of the local Cascadas, some went swimming in it

Jen and Ric both agreed that week 2 could have been happier. With some people disagreeing and others leaving it had an odd vibe. The past week however has been a much more successfull one. With only 4 volunteers and 2 staff members ( Not including the actual family who own the plce of which there is about 11 of them (9 brothers and sisters!!)) the place has run a lot more smoothly. The extra hands aren't needed as we finish roughly in the same amount of time as when there are 14 volunteers, just with less disagreements. We are getting to know the animals quite well, all the different personalities and traits, good or bad.

The new centre is a big topic for discussion as more than half the monkeys have moved, which is good for all as they really need to calm down in these bigger more secluded cages. A monkey called Sam is quite the Bastard, he will claw your eyes out at any second.

Together we made dinner yesterday (a first for Ric and third for Jen) consisting of Pizza bread, chips and salad. Jen made an Apple Crumble (to be called just Apple as no oven was used) which went down nicely.

This will be our last week and the last of peace, as another 11 volunteers are due to arrive this weekend. We will have to see how they turn out, seeing as me and jen have had one of the dorm rooms to ourselves for the last 2 weeks.

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