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The Erie canal was an engineeing marvel of its time and is...

Old Erie Canal

We don't miss this weather

How appropriate it sould rain upon our return

BF's all: Bob, Shirley, Debby & Jim

We left the Wal-mart parking lot and headed west (wasn't there a famous saying about heading west young man?). We stopped by the old Erie Canal historical marker and saw the original section of the canal which was interesting then headed for Batavia NY. Many of you know this but a lot don't so here is the Batavia story in our lives. We lived here from 1974-86. Our oldest daughter Darci was born here. Our youngest daughter Collins was born up the road in Rochester. We bought our first home and raised our little children here. I was a radio announcer here for 10 years. This is where we both got back into the church... Batavia First UMC. We have a lot of personal history in Batavia NY. We were very happy to leave for the weather is not to our liking but it is nice to visit. Last night we went to Rochester and had a fantastic time over dinner, desert and general talking with our great college buddies Jim and Debby Philippone. Jim was a confirmed bachelor and re-met Debby a few years ago. Surprise, they re-fell in love and got married! It is a wonderful story and these few lines do not do it justice. Jim is one of the original BF'ers and along with others (Don and Jeanne to name a couple you have heard of in this blog) has been a part of a very strong group of us who met and married their spouses from our college SUNY @ Geneseo. We have stayed together for over 40 years and go on vacation with each other every year. It is a very unique and strong group. Tonight we are visiting with some of our Batavia great friends Don and Pat Partridge. We met them at Batavia First UMC. We thought our Darci had a unique name and that no one else had it until we were introduced to Darcy Partridge their daughter! Tomorrow our itinerary is to meet up with another fabulous couple, Bob and Mary Lovria. We have known these folks since coming to Batavia those many years ago. We are also going to see my college room mate in Lockport NY (sound familiar Brad Hench) David Root and his wife Lora. David is also a charter BF'er. Hope to ride our bikes around town and drop in on others in our history, Shirley has been busy looking people up. So we have a delightfully busy schedule here in the town the two of us actually became adults. Sorry for the rambling. Enjoy the pics.

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