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Ok, so we arrived in koh Lanta and went to this resort that is absolutely beautifull, we didnt think we would be able to afford it, but in the end it cost $13 and included a buffet breakfast. Our bungalows were nice with an attached bathroom and a balcony with ocean views. The resort had a private beach and a pool. it also had a restaurant and a movie room, beach bar and massage spa. We check in and relax for the afternoon making sure to get royally crisp from the sun. We stayed for 4 nights and spent 1/2 that time relaxing at the quiet resort. since it is low season there were only 4 other rooms that had people in them. We had the beach and pool to ourselves and took care to use that as much as we could. Since the island is HUGE and everything is super far from our resort (at least a $10 cab ride), we deicde to go to town on the free daily shuttle to town and get motor bikes(really they were scooters). All the rest of our adventures include these rented scooters which cost $5 per day.

ohh I forgot to introduce the girls I am travelling with. Coral and Maria are from london and Merel is from Holland. Merel has sprained her knee and ankle so is on stitches (crutches). This makes for interesting times such as walking around town and carrying her things and carrying the crutches on the bikes.

The first day we rent them we bike home and decide to get dinner and a massage. Dinner was very......american and the massage was very.......dodgy. I decided we should try a different place as it was cheaper. maybe not the best choice. We walk in and they bring us into these private rooms with locks on the inside. very untraditional for massages that i have had here. There are no sheets to cover your body while getting the massage. I choose to leave my underwear on as I already feel funny in this room with this thai lady who speaks NO english. Luckily my massage was not as eventfull and the other two girls I was with. My lady did the oil massage with little technique but luckily she refrained from being inappropriate. One girl's massage only lasted 30 minutes and she argues about the payment due to the short time. the other girl had her underwear removed and was incredibly uncomfortable with massage lady sitting between her legs and massageing inappropriate areas. Afterwards, we all laughed about it, but decided I was not allowed to choose the massage places any more. We decided this place was probably the special massage places guys go for special massages, but nobody told us this.

We return home and play uno and chill at the hotel for the evening having a little night swim and getting kicked out for it being too late (and probably us being too loud). The next day was our big adventure around the island. We walk up to our bikes as I look at the sky and say hmmmm, it looks like rain. Rain in thailand mean DOWNPOUR. We continue on our bikes and 5 minutes i it begins to sprinkle. within 30 seconds the downpour is stinging our arms. We cannot see the road and decide to find shelter. We pull over into someone's garage and they come out of thie house looking at us with a bit of a laugh. we say Kop Khun Kah over and over to make sure he is not mad that we are using his garage. Another man drives in for protection. The rain passes within 15 minutes and we carefully head down the soaking wet muddy road. we get lost and ask 5 people for directions but nobody speaks english and mosst give us wrong directions anyway.

We find signs to a cave and we head down the road following makeshift wodden signs with warn down paint. The road turns to dirt which is now mud and puddles. It is quite an adventure but we makeit to this little house where they do hiking cave tours. We decided to skip it and do it the next day when merel is not with. We never did make it back but the little house was well worth the drive. there were chickens with baby chicks, vines hanging from the trees, and a cow tied to a tree. they are tied by rope strung through their nose and one end is knotted. Looks painfull, but all the cows have this. A spider crawled up my leg and of course i screamed, then i stepped in an ant hill which sent biting ants onto my feet. Wow this nature jungle thing is a bit more difficult that I thought. Did I mention the mosquitos? They are INSANE. the lumps turn into baseballs, the scabs get infected, and they bite like crazy every night at dusk. Must remember before it hits dusk to use the deet spray.

After the cave barn place we heaed to old town where there are buildings on stilts along the ocean. we head down the pier looking for a boat tour but fail miserably at figuring out the price, island and tides. The locan fishermen didnt speak english and well it wasnt wroking so well so we went to get lunch in old town. There was a funeral going on, monks standing around a casket on wheels. the decorations were fancy. There was incense burning and they lit off fireworks. they lifted the casket onto a truck which had a ornate stand to hold it. The people were all dressed in black.

We had lunch then continued on our bike up the east coast. By this time my upper legs were burnt from the sun beating down. we saw monkeys along the road, big lizzards, mosks, a monkey school, mangroves, and a ton of muslim women on bikes and in their yards. Children were bathing and washing clothes in buckets. The south of thailand is majority muslim while the north is majority buddhist.

Our day ended and we slept hard. The next morning we awoke to head south to see the national park. we hit rough road with big ditches, steep hills, bumps, mud and beautiful views. We gave up after 4 KM as it was just too rough on the tiny scooters. We went up another road that said cave. This road proved even harder than all the rest, but Coral and I trecked on and found the path to the cave was overgrown. We decided to head back to the pool to relax.

That night we went to town to return our bikes and these guys began yelling at us to come join them for drinks. we return our bikes and meet an older lady who looks a bit crazy turns out she is a teacher at an international school in bangkok. She is visiting Lanta to find her ex thai husmand who has stollen her scooter. Yes she did turn out to be a bit crazy. Maybe i DONT want to teach at an international school. and take a cab back to see what these guys are up to. 3 days of solitude has made us quite excited for company. Too bad these guys are drunk as a skunk and completely obnoxiouse. We quickly run away to find food. We find a lonely guy travelling alone and pick him up to join us for dinner. Bradly was from Canada and spent the evening in our company. we walked for at least a mile (poor merel) looking for dinner. finally we find a place and eat. Next we nee to hunt down a taxi and attempt NOT to get ripped off. A man in the restaurant sais he will call a cab and asked how much we wanted to pay. he said it was 3km and we said 150 baht. he jumped up and brought us to his truck. not an official taxi driver bu the seemed legit. We sat (actually coral and i stood and danced) in the back of the truck for the whole 3km. We returned home and had another not so quiet night in (luckily no incidences this time).

Coral and I woke up early to catch our van to Phuket the van as usually was 45 minutes late, yet we have now arrived in Phuket. Ugly town.

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