Jen and Ric's Itinerary travel blog

A house for Monkeys we built and installed (slowly)

Bengi, a wonderfull cat (along with Lea)

No name blue Macaw who said Buenos to Ric once

This week has been a lot more calm. Without the ISV people, there are a lot fewer hands to help. Also, usually we feed/clean the animals in the morning and then do tasks in the afternoon, but the Monday - Wednesday task was to help prepare a lesson on the environment for the local kids school. This went down well, but not a lot had been achieved, so quite a relaxed week. Apart from the main co-ordinator leaving because of personal issues (possibly related to relations with other staff members) and various other volunteers leaving, it has been quiet. With just a couple of us we are getting to know the animals better. Ric is getting fond of the Parrots (chatty and not attack-y) and Jen is feeling nervous around the evil Kinkachus (they look cute but turn evil in a split second ready to eat any finger)

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