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Fish and chips in a pub

After the whiskey tastings we needed something different to do, so we went in search of some interesting ruins. We found two: a very old church and graveyard with lichen covered tombstones and a beautiful celtic cross. The other was the site of Finlaggan.

Islay was the home of the Lords of the Isles who controlled the Hebrides islands for 4 centuries from the 12th to the 16th Century from their base on a tiny island in the land-locked Finnlagan Loch (lake). Expert mariners, they learned from and drove out the Viking raiders and were equals to the kings of Scotland and England. The village here had, at one time, up to 20 buildings including a Christian chapel and a moderately-sized feasting hall. There have been many artifacts recovered from here and a number of intricately carved grave markers. An interesting little site.

While driving around we saw many birds, sheep, cows (even some of the big Highland cows), and many rabbits (Linda's favorite - she saw dozens of rabbits). This was even better (for Linda) than the whiskey experience at Ardbeg - see how shallow she is.

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