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A bear selling real Maple Syrup

Times Union Center, Albany, NY

Wht is the wierd shape building in the middle of downtown Albany,...

After awaking this morning we saw Dave was out spreading mulch around Jan's flower beds. So we went outside the RV and Dave and Jan came over to the RV and we were chatting when Jan said to Dave give Tom a ride on the "quad". That is an ATV on 4 wheels. So Dave took it out of the garage and off they went with Tom on the back through the woods.

While they were gone Jan was showing me all of her flower beds. They are beautiful as you can see in the photos. They even found what could be from old stage coaches from around the seventeen hundreds while they were planting their flower beds.

We left their place around noon and drove to Onegona, NY arriving their about 8:45pm. On the way their we saw a few thing along the way, for example a bear selling Homemade Maple Syrup, Time Union Center, Albany,NY. After a long day we decided to stay at the local Wal*Mart.

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