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Which hat do you like best?..... Doug's old hat?????


Or his new Panama Jack hat???????


Stetson had a great first weekend of existence. When he was born, he was not put on a venilator but given a CPAP machine just like his great grandfathers. By Saturday evening he was off of that had breathing on his own. A great step forward. Both Zeb and Christy have been able to hold him. He was still attached to his monitors when Christy held him and the instruments immediately pointed to the normal range. Stetson had found his mommy.

We picked up Mark at the airport yesterday and went to Pier Park for lunner. While at the airport Doug found a new hat. For some unknown reason, he had been receiving some grief about his old cowboy hat and had been ordered to find something else to wear. We had traveled to several shops in the area but could not find what he wanted. He went from the ridiculous to the sublime with his new Panama Jack hat. No longer is he the rube from the sticks, now he's tool cool to fool. See pictures.

This morning Mark and Doug drove into PDL to the state park and had a short dodder on one of the trails. We stopped at a nearby meat market/convenience store and picked up chicken thighs for cooking for this evening.

This afternoon Doug had a long nap while Mark did some surfing on the computer. He has a garden in his back yard in Charleston and is having a pitched battle with squirrels over tomato rights. Sensing defeat, he got on Amazon and escalated his firepower. He bought a new pump up pellet rifle with the purpose of stinging the squirrels into retreat or possible a stew pot. It will be delivered in Charleston when he gets back.

We spent some time going through the family albums, Doug on memory lane and Mark on understanding his father. It was a fine afternoon topped by a great meal from JoAnn.

Tomorrow we are driving to Defuniak Springs to Bogey's Bar to meet Froggi Donna and Stu for lunch. They have been biking in LA and are headed back to TN and wanted to meet up. We are looking forward to this as we have not had the fortune of meeting Stu before.

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