Jason and Dawn - Around the world 2011 travel blog

Our new feathery friend.. Frank!

Can you spot the fossicker?

Find the emerald if you can!... yes, there is one in there...

Hard work!

Flock of birds on side of road

Really cool, Huge birds on side of road

Typical fossicker home.. they live in tin huts where most have their...

At the coal mine.. absolutely huge equipment, notice the pickup truck on...

Piano left in tree from past floods

Dragline bucket

safflower fields along highway.. as far as the eye can see.

Absolutely horrendous roads!!!!

World's largest coal mine in action


Our spoils from all of our hard fossicking work! Jewels!

Everything is pretty much closed for the holiday here - the Queens Birthday. We need to pick up some mail (van registration papers) from the post office and we need to get the van checked out as we now have a wobbling taking place as we drive. The transmission oil needs to be changed as well but Jason tried today to get the bolts off and they are stuck so we will need that done by a mechanic. Jason asked around and found a place we can take the van to in the am to see if they can get it in.

Nice sunny day today, Jason made supper while I did up the blog. We had gone shopping at Big W and Woolworth’s for some grub and some items I “did not see” for my Birthday tomorrow.....we are already Monday June 13th, well back in Canada you are still on Sunday June 12th. I have a feeling I may be getting some chocolate and gummie goodies for my big day, and I asked Jason if he would make me a grill cheese sandwich for my dinner. Just finishing up the blog while JJ reads his book and off to sleep we go.

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