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The big sky.

The long straight road.

Hey from Hay!

We spend the last couple of days wondering around the old port of Echuca and chatting to people. We found an amazing bakery where we had a delicious lunch and bought the best sour dough bread.

Barry bought me a pair of tartan wellingtons for when we get rained on again - will be easier to get on and off when hopping in and out of the van.

Last night we walked up to the Moama Bowling Club - the place where I once won $20 on a one armed bandit - no such luck with my dollar this time!

I sat between two expert ladies, one had put $100 and the other $50 in the 1c machines. The lady with the $100 told me the reason why I didn't win was because I only play 1 line at a time - I told her that my one dollar had to last - she walked away after that - cannot think why! The other lady was complaining that the machine was eating her money - doh!!! Wasn't game enough to explain that if she did not put her money in the machine could not eat it lol!

Last night we were the only caravan in the park again and left this morning. We shared breakfast with 3 ducks and a magpie. Barry wasn't too keen on the duck that flew up after the toast on his plate!

We loved the drive to Hay. We drove on the Cobb Highway, which is also called the Long Paddock Touring Route. A long straight, flat road with the biggest, bluest, highest sky. We were so excited when we saw 8 wild emus on the side of the road. We also saw a huge eagles nest in a tree.

We are staying in the Big4 at Hay, which is owned by Al's brother in law's parents. Lovely couple - very friendly. The park is small and extremely neat and tidy.

We stopped at Denelequin on the way through and walked through the park by a lake - very pretty.

There are 5 museums here and we have already visited one. The Bishop's Lodge which we really enjoyed. It was going to be bulldozed in 1985 and the locals protested so the council bought it and it has been restored and is run by volunteers. There is also the Mini Nationals here this weekend and the Standard Vanguard Enthusiasts rally too. Minis everywhere - we are going to the parade and show and shine in the morning.

Hmmm..didn't think I had much to say today!

Time to make dinner. Over and out.

M & B xx

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