RV Trek From Iowa to Alaska 2011 travel blog

Day 24 Miles: 151 Total: 5392

Campground: Williwaw Campground, Portage Glacier, AK

Our last full day in Alaska, and our last full day of our RV adventure. We stopped at the Eagle River Wildlife Center just outside of Anchorage for a 3+ mile walk through the forest and along the river bed. The walk through the woods was nice and we saw some wild flowers that we had not seen before, but the main accomplishment was that we were food for the mosquitoes which were really bad.

Our treat for today was a pizza slice at Sam’s Club before moving down the Turnagin Arm. The weather deteriorated to rain showers and winds above 30 mph, so the plan to pull out and stop and sit and relax was not possible.

Our stop for our last night is Williwaw Campground at Portage Glacier and we are in the sam site as last year. We can look out our picture window at a pretty hanging glacier which is showing lots of blue ice. As the weather and clouds have changed, we can see the fog/clouds dropping over the glacier and then the clouds lift and the blue ice is visible again.

We had our last meal on the road and finished with a small campfire. Our camp hosts are from LA (lower Alabama that is) and we had an interesting and lengthy conversation with them about traveling and the experience in being camp hosts.

Along the way on our adventure we have met a lot of interesting people and have talked to several camp hosts who gave us lots of interesting things to think about.

Our experience in traveling across the US, Canada, and finally in Alaska has been one that will always be in our memory banks.

To borrow a quote from one of our favorite radio hosts in Houston: “Don’t let anyone steal your joy”. The joy that we have had from this adventure will never be lost or taken away.

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