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Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Gosh, it's hard to believe that another month has slipped by.

May was somewhat uneventful in that Rick's condition was pretty stable. He suffered from the back pain the whole month, but by the end of May he was down to less than half the amount of pain killers. His weekly blood tests showed continual improvement along with his energy level so we were finally able to discontinue all antibiotics on June 2nd. The central line in his arm got pulled on June 6th so he is finally a free man. No more waiting for me to cover and tape the blasted thing so he could take a shower.

He was finally able to go to morning coffee with his friends again. It's hard to beleive that all this has been going on for more than eight months. Next week is a follow-up appointment with the spine surgeon so hopefully we can get some time-line information to work with.

We tried to get out as often as possible and tried to find things that he could do that didn't require any lifting. We mostly took drives, enjoying the local scenery. Shoshone Falls is roaring this year because of all the rain and cool weather. Shoshone Falls is referred to as the Niagra of the West and it's right here in Twin Falls. We are so fortunate.

There was a fund-raiser for a police officer that was shot in the face in the line of duty on May 14th so Rick got involved with that. His job was "Publicity" so he did interviews with the local newspaper and television and radio stations, ordered and distributed flyers and helped with all other coordinating efforts. The officer is a friend and fellow volunteer firefighter. All funds raised were sent to a fund in Boise that assists wounded officers. It was very successful. The citizens of the Magic Valley again came through with support and generosity.

Now that he is able he has applied to be a volunteer at St. Lukes Magic Valley Hospital. He will start that "job" in about two weeks. They just built a brand new hospital that is MUCH larger than the old one, so there are many more opportunities there now. 'Guess it makes sense to volunteer in a place that we are so familiar with.

I am still working on the title company project. I enjoy the work, but am looking forward to being done. I estimate that it will take me another three weeks. When I am done with that I will be working on the publishing of my book. I have been working on my manuscript for more than four years now. What is this book? you ask? It is my memoire and the title is "There's a Mountain in My Soup". I am very excited about getting it out there. Once I finish the micro-editing I will get the graphics and formatting done and then ....TADAAAA....a real book!!

Many people ask us what adventure we will be going on next. Right now we must continue to answer "We cannot make any plans until we know that we can leave and not come back to spend time in the hospital." Hopefully we will get that information soon. Somewhere warm for the winter would be wonderful.

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