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Nesting at Quartzsite

BlueBirds and BlueBirds All Rounds

They're Good Sports They let S.O.B's(Some Other Brand) Join Us!

Great Pot Lucks

Taking by the Camp Fire

Good Food and Great Friends

They even let in Mutts like Zeus

We went to Quartz Site in January with our newly bought Bluebird. Wasn't sure what to think of it at first, a whole lot of motorhomes parked out in the desert with no hook up or anything. We came to the Birds Nest, that is what they called the camp site with all the Bluebirds. We pulled into the the circle of it where they was all having a potluck. I got out to find out where we was to set up at and that was when we got surrounded by people telling us that we had the most famous Bluebird on the road. At the time I really didn't care I was tried and just wanted to get to our spot. We meet a few people that night before we went in. The next morning we started to get a feel for the place and the guys where all to happy to help us out in getting to know our Bluebird. We didn't know where anything was at or how to work things and to top it off the frig wouldn't work and we lost our the food we just brought. Turned out that we didn't have a switch on for that, which we didn't know about. Our generator wasn't working either but all the guy chipped right in and got it working. Our bus was the how to work on this project for the guys. The ladies there liked to go shopping at the flea markets and the vendors tent. In the mornings some of the ladies went on Nature walks and I do mean NATURE WALKS. I was asked to go along one morning and didn't know that the nature walk went thu the Nudest area of quartz site. This was something new for a walk with the dog. We also played Mexican Dominoes, which was fun and they got together to talk crafts. In the evenings we had pot lucks, chili's days, and wine tasting days. Afterward we would sit by the fire and talk and and have a good time. I'm looking forward to going again this January and really get involved with more of the things going on and see our new friends again. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and it just add to our adventure in the "Catbird Seat".

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