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Coming down!

Trying to get a line to him

Holding on tight

Tossing the line across the river

Well harnessed

Diving in

Nice form

They all have their own styles

Quite a process

The second rope was for under her ankles

Here they come around the bend

All paddles in!

Trying to slow down

Having fun

It takes a village

Basking in the warmth of the sun

She slipped on by

This morning we had to move the rig in order to get water from the campground up the street. Friday morning the campground woke to no water. At first we thought the light freeze during the night was causing us issues, but as the morning went on we realized we had a bigger problem. They are having someone look at it on Monday. Hopefully it is a quick fix. We are back to boon docking mode again.

Len was on the end of the weed wacker this afternoon. I took the camera in hand and went for a walk to the other side of the river. It was a beautiful day here and there was lots of activity on the river today.

As I was heading up the dirt road to North Bank campground, I noticed the rock climbers hanging from the rock wall. I could hear all this yelling going on up the river. I followed the path at the end of the campground to discover that there was a rescue class going on. Come to find out, they were being trained for rafting guides safety for 3+ rapids. It was a very interesting exercise to watch. Just as they had successfully gotten the rescue lines to the gal out on the rock in the middle of the raging river, here comes some rafters right through the middle of the exercise. It was fun watching the rafters put the brakes on as they came around the bend to find all this activity going on.

Maya, I finally got a picture of that pretty butterfly. It almost landed on my head at one point. I watched a little butterfly chase this bigger one around for a couple of minutes. It is always fun to watch natures playground.

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