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Sitting in Skilled Stadium Geelong with Mum's Cousin, Sheena

Sunrise over Portarlington Pier

Waiting to drive on to the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento Vic

Queenscliff - from the Ferry

Frankston Waterfront

Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff Lighthouses

Gangway to HMAS Cerberus, the Naval Training Depot in Victoria

How special we are.......

Parade ground at Cerberus

Interior of Catholic Chapel Cerberus

Exterior of Catholic Chapel

"And that is where we used to........"

HMAS Cerberus Museum

Cerberus the three-headed dog

Exterior of C of E Chapel

C of E Chapel interior

WRANS Quarters - when we were here!!

Pete's cousin went down on the Voyager

Crib Point Station on the line of our Leave Train

View from Arthur's Seat, high above Safety Beach, Mornington Peninsular

Looking north on the Peninsular

We left Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsular at 0630 on Wednesday 1st June and caught the 0800 ferry to Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsular. We travelled up the Peninsular to about 5kms north of Frankston, where we are staying until Friday 10th. The days have been just glorious - no wind and warm sunshine - can't last here in Melbourne though!!

Had an afternoon in Frankston wandering the waterfront and the shopping centre, and a very interesting hour or so in an Aldi store - boy! I wish we had that chain at home, the prices are super!!

Today (3rd - Happy Birthday Mum) - we went across country to Hastings and down to HMAS Cerberus, the Naval Training Depot where all new recruits to the Navy spend their first 6 months or so - as we both did, back in 1963 (Pete) and '67(Me). We asked to go 'on board' and could visit the Chapels and the Museum. We were lucky enough to witness the Friday Divisions, including classes of Army and Air Force Students of the Signals School. Apparently, all 3 Services use Cerberus Schools to train their Communicators and their Cooks these days. Surprisingly, Pete really enjoyed the visit and relived many of his "glory" day tales, culminating in him being asked to tie a couple of lanyards on two uniformed 'dummies' in the Museum!! He remembered how to do it, too!! I, of course, loved my time there, both today and back then, so really enjoyed the visit. I was last there 3 years ago and Pete last there in the early 1960s!!

Navigating our way across the Peninsular, we wound our way up to the highest point at Arthur's Seat (and no, I do NOT know who Arthur was!!) and the views were magnificent. Could see the ocean on both sides of the Peninsular, but the sea and the sky were the same colour, so difficult to photograph!!

Our weekend ahead is clear of committments, but all days next week are already 'booked' up, so will continue this from Phillip Island, where we will be spending the Queen's Birthday long weekend from 10-13th.

Hope all reading this are well, as we both are on this end.

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