Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Dad and Herta's house


Half a block

A block and a half away

My Grandfather and grandmother,my father, my uncle, my mother, my two brothers...

Outstanding views

I learned to ski right out there

Boater enjoying the day,

Changed locations less than 5 minutes

Brings back such great memories

Very nice

Dad's street

We are in Freeport on Long Island still at my father and Herta's house. It is always a pretty laid back time when I am here. Usually I come by myself but this time of course Shirley is here. She hasn't seen my dad for over 2 years since he stopped coming for Thanksgiving. It has been even longer since Shirley has seen Herta. The weather is mild and windy. My brother Glenn bar-b-qued a fantastic london broil last night. It was nice to see him. I grew up not far from here in Wantagh but spent countless days at my grandfather and grandmother's house a few blocks from here right on the water. I had a fantastic childhood and a major part of it was the great times on the water, swimming, fishing, crabbing, and boating. We went for a walk this morning to the water. Don't have to go far. All these pictures were taken between a half a block and two blocks from dad's house. This evening we are going to an elementary school concert. Herta's granddaughter Margo is the music teacher and this is their final concert of the year. Enjoy the pics.

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