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One of many hummingbirds, not shy at all

Interesting rock formation near Manzanillo

We have spent the last couple of days on the Costa Rican Carribean Coast called Manzanillo. A nice simple end to our Central American tour. Its a nice quite town with not very much here. We tried snorkeling but the seas made it hard to see anything and lack of sun didnt help. But on a much clearer calmer day we can easily imagine what we missed. With not wanting to fork out hundreds on a turtle tour, w e settled for a much simnpler caves tour, which was short and sweet. The water is this places main attraction though, in Belize the water was warm but still shivery after a while, here it is consistently warm, much better. Our hotel manager seems very trusting with his guest, especially when it comes to the local dodgey dealings. We didnt stick our noses in (as if he was trying to be subtle), but I could write a whole chapter on this topic, but never so trusting. Ah well, not for us, thank you Mr Manager.

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