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Woke up to a beautiful morning and went to the Australia Zoo owned by none other than Steve and Terri Irwin (the crocodile hunter). Established in 1970 by the Irwin family, formally known as the Beerwah Reptile Park, the once four acre park is now a 70 acre entertainment mecca, with over 1,000 animals. We saw Asian Elephants and even got to hand feed all three of them. That was a dream come true for me since I love them so much, Jason seemed very happy to let one of them slime his entire hand as he feed her. Love their long eyelashes and beautiful eyes. We saw Dingoes, Echidnas, Rhino Iguana's, huge Komodo Dragon, Otters, Red Pandas, Tasmanian Devils (who never stay still), Tigers, world's largest Tortoises, Turtles, Wombats (Southern hairy nosed and common), Kookaburras, Red & Grey Kangaroos and wallabies, Binturong, American alligators & crocodiles, freshwater & saltwater crocodiles, camels, cassowaries (prehistoric birds & very large), reticulated pythons and many native Australian snakes - took close note of the ones that are really poisonous.

Lots to see and do, it took us an entire day. I got lucky enough to have a grey kangaroo grab my right arm and take a chomp on it so now I'm sporting his love bite.......poor guy was just looking for some food. We also witnessed a few new kangaroo's being introduced into the zoo, one freaked out and came jumping past us and slipped and fell on her side. She carried on towards another part of the "roo" park. As soon as they let the new ones out of the cage the zoo staff told us to stand completely still and not to move. I guess the new arrivals can be unpredictable. This zoo was a real beauty, pristine cleanliness and friendly staff. All the animals areas were perfect and groomed, well laid out and awesome trees of every kind can be found throughout. We would highly recommend this zoo to be seen. We had a great day here.

We ended the day off by going back to the Beerwah State Reserve Campground for another night. Cooked up some pasta and ate outside at one of the parks picnic tables.

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