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El Mitre del Mundo...... NOT!

We practically fell off the plane after consuming quite a few beverages, but our first impressions of Quito were good. Very good. The airport was new and pristine, we didn't get hassled/mugged/shot etc at all, and we had a great cabbie who took us straight to our hostel in the centre of town. Now this hostel had been recomended to us by some other travellers, and is noted for it's 'non-stop party' atmosphere, with 12 litres of Rum and coke handed out free, every Monday, Wedneday and Friday! So, we had a few big nights, and managed to see some sights of Quito, including standing on a big red line which was actually the equator!!! Or so we thought, there are actually two ecuators. The "real" one, and the "fake" one. Apparently they realised 6 years ago the the first one they measured was actually incorrect and and so had to make a new one - only in South America. Anyway where do you think we ended up....yeah you guessed it the fake one.. Either way it`s just abit line isn`t it??? Anyhoo, Quito is a great place and the people are very friendly, but time is no longer on our side and we had to move on to our next destination of Puerto Lopez, to go and do some whale whatching!!!!

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