Chris + Kats Asian Adventure 2011 travel blog

Oooooh, the busto Kampong Cham was nice! hehehehe! The actual bus wasn't too bad, but poor Chris was feeling very very ill! He travelled nearly the whole way with his face in a sick bag, and also made the bus stop three times for, um, nasty bum episodes!! (it would have been four had we not pulled into a services at the right time!)

We got to Kampong Cham and had already decided to get a nice hotel with air con and a tv for Chris to watch the football. We spent the rest of the day in the room! Nice and cool!

Another lazy day today, we headed out for a bit of a look around but found the locals really rude! They dont get alot of tourists in Kampong CHam and it showed! We decided for another lazy day at the hotel and stocked up on munchies and watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs and football!

We got up super early the next day as it is very hot here! We were out by 7am to get bikes and ride to an island, Koh Penh. We had to cross a dodgy bamboo bridge to get there and had a ride around for a few hours. Didn't see anything too spectacular, but it was nice. We headed back to the hotel for the hottest part of the day, then went out again late afternoon to see the french lighthouse. We rode acrros the big bridge and down to the lighthouse. You can climb it it your not afriad if hieghts. We are! It was ,uch like alot of ladders all joint up to get to the top! about 6 steps was enough for us. We had dinner out and got packed to head to Laos tomorrow.

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