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Canonge beach

Canonge beach

Claudia, Cynthea and Tony at Canonge

Las Migas concert, Palma

Las Migas flamenco music concert, Palma

24th May

Claudia arrives about 1pm, and takes us to the beach at Canonge just along the road. The road there is sealed all the way, but very narrow and lots twists and turns as it winds down the steep hillside. Must be bad in the high season – cars are not covered by insurance! The water is crystal clear and we spend the afternoon snorkelling around the rocks.

Tonight there is a concert in town, and Eduard drives us there as the bus wont get us there in time. We arrive before the 9pm start, but the tickets are sold out, so Pol buys up some spares from people on the street. We pay very reasonable prices, just EUR3 each to see Las Migas, a group that plays Flamenco music. The theatre has recently been renovated and looks fantastic, and we surprised that the seating is not pre allocated, just park where you find a spare chair. We have a great view from the third floor, and spot a group of friends downstairs.

The director gives a political speech before the programme starts, something along the lines of a separate state for Catalonia, and one language for the area (Catalan is spoken here, rather than Spanish). The concert goes for a bit over an hour and a half, by the time they do two or three encores, we enjoy the music even though we don’t understand the words and the chatter between songs. It is still very warm out, and we walk to the bus depot. On the way we go through the square, and the demonstrators are still there from the weekend. The square is still very busy, but we cannot stay. We ride back to Establiments, about 4km from home, and Eduard picks us up from there.

25th May

Did sweet bugger all, lay in the sun listening to music by the pool.

26th May

Eduard and Carmelen left this morning for their holiday in Grenada. Eduard is looking for beetles, and Carmelen is happy to lay about in the sun! Pretty much what we did by the pool today. It was great to meet them, they are fantastic people and made us feel very welcome.

The weather here has been really hot and humid, and we are pleased that we will not be here when summer really kicks in, though swapping this weather for London's is debatable!

We found out today that not only is there school holidays in the UK, but there is a football cup final at Wimbleton on Saturday. Manchester United v Barcelona. So we expect the flights out to be full. Still some reasonable fares though, so we will decide today where and when we will go. Ryan Air and Easyjet charge a fortune, and then some, for luggage, you pay for the first 15kg, and then it is mega Euros per kilo after that. Bugger that, we have about 45kg all up, so have decided to try the charter airline, Thomson, instead. You can buy an extra 5kg for £15 if you pre book on line. The first 20kg each is discounted to £10 instead of £20 if you also buy on line when you book. Two tickets to London - £126 ($263) with two bags, a bargain according to the locals.

So Tony fires ahead with the booking, but cannot order the excess luggage when he buys the tickets, no problem, the website says you can order it under extras after you get your confirmation. But the bastards put us wrong, and after paying up Tony finds out you cannot do this within three days of flying, arrrrgghhhhh!!!! You cannot order their expensive meals either, but at least they told you that when you started the booking process. Tony rings Thomson’s in London, and they are no help, we just have to pay the extra at the airport. They cannot even tell him how much, it could be a flat fee for 5kg £30 ($62), or a per kg rate. What a fat lot of use that call was, so we call Claudia's partner Carlos. He works at the airport and may know someone from Thomson, but no luck there either, we will just have to hope for the best when we check in.

The weekly couchsurfer meeting is on tonight in Palma, it doesn’t start until 9pm, and we know that people wont arrive until 10.30, so we take the 9.30 bus into town. There are a few people there at the bar, but most arrive as we leave around 11. There is a bus at 11.10, and the last one is midnight. We arrive at the bus stop, and there is no bus, Pol says the next one is in half an hour, so the timetable was wrong. Bugger, we could have had another beer and sangria. We get the bus to Establiments and Claudia meets us to drive us back to Esporles. We are on the last bus after all, and it left at 11.40, not midnight, another bum steer, we are lucky we decided to catch the earlier one.

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