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At Trens some of our courses arrived by tren (train)

relaxing poolside with a book and a beer

Tony, Carmelen, Claudia, Eduard, Erika, Pol

Happy 30th Birthday Pol!

22nd May

A quiet day today, mostly spent reading by the pool. Still heaps of photos to edit and put up on the website, and we get a few done, but there is still a months worth to sort through. We have taken many, and it is a bit of a mission!

We are having lunch at a friends restaurant in Palma. Trens (means Trains) is a theme restaurant, with seating like that of local trains, and model trains running around the place. There is a train track by our table and Tony wonders if they will bring some of the food out this way as the tracks go into the kitchen. The restaurant serves typical Mallorcan dishes, and Tony has trouble reading the menu until it is explained the language is Catalan, not Spanish, as are most of the local signposts. The spoken language here is also Catalan, different from Spanish as it is not just a dialect, and it adds to the confusion. All fun though, and there is an English translation menu for us. We place our orders, and soon the entrée comes out, delivered by train. Cynthea and Tony share their main meals so we can try different food, and Cynthea also tries some of the black Paella that Carmelen and Pol order (it is flavoured with black squid ink, Tony isn’t keen on that one!).

Later Carmelen collects Eduard from the airport, we have a late tea and Carmelen and Pol go to the village to check the local body election results (their party won, so all are happy). We watch the national results on tv until quite late.

23rd May Happy 30th Birthday Pol

There is a birthday lunch for Pol around 3pm, his sister Claudia and friend Erica will join us. It is a lovely hot day again today, so lunch is out under the veranda, it is a lot of fun. Pol is talking about the Maori face tattoo, Tony asks if he means moko, and he says yes. There is a lot of hilarity, and Claudia tells Tony that here moko means a big bogie, ha ha. Tony thinks Pol has set him up, again.

Another lazy day, and we doze in the sun the rest of the afternoon. We start looking for flights to the UK, again there are many choices, but the fees to take luggage inflate the airfare. A cheap £22 airfare to London more than doubles when you add on the £10-20 per bag and £15 excess for being over 20kg. We will probably head there at the weekend, but we hear about a volcanic eruption in Iceland that has been disrupting flights in Scotland. We hope the ash cloud does not get any worse.

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