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Pol and Carmelen at Formentor

Tony sees if Digby knows dog paddle

Hung out to dry, it's no picnic being a dog

sheer cliffs near Formentor, some 300m straight down.

Pol, Cynthea, Tony

A loooong way down...

Pols' birthday party in Palma

Friday 20th May

After a late breakfast we drove to the far north tip of the island, to a beach near Pollenca. Formentor is Pol's favourite, and it is easy to see why. It is a smashing day, blue sky, not a lot of wind, and hopefully not so crowded being a Friday. The drive takes about an hour, and the scenery as we approach is stunning. Sheer cliffs rise nearly 300m out of the sea. There is a lookout, but it is crowded, so we will visit on the way back. At the beach there are a few people about, but not too crowded.

We have a picnic lunch, and laze in the sun or swim. The water is a bit fresh, but everyone is in swimming, even Digby gets wet. He is well over due for a bath too and has one when he gets out of the water. We stay until after 6, and head off to the lookout we saw on the way in. There is quite a climb to the top, and not a lot to stop people jumping off, as apparently a few do from time to time. It is nearly 300m straight down, in NZ this would all be fenced off, in Dunedin the road would be closed. It is more than a little stomach churning looking over the low wall at edge.

In Pollenca we leave the car for a walk along the foreshore. Again there are wide walkways along here, restaurants aplenty too, and we hear the most English spoken in a long time. This is the area the Brits must all come too, and by the look of it they are of the well-heeled variety. Hundreds of fish in the water, and Carmelen tells us they will nibble at your feet, so Tony gets in the water, but they aren’t hungry.

We get back to Esporles around 9pm for a light supper, tired after a day of doing not that much.

Saturday 21st May

There is a market in the main street every Saturday, so after our (late) breakfast we head into town. Carmelen drives us as it is a long way!! (only a kilometre, we could easily have walked!). We wander around the markets for a while, lots on offer, but it doesn’t seem as big as back home (but then this is a small village). Perhaps it just seems less because it is well spread out along the street. Several fruit and vege stalls, but few display their prices, which is a bloody nuisance. We are told that the locally grown oranges will have leaves attached so you can see how long since it was picked. There are several stalls selling jamones and cheeses, fish (salted), and plants. There are also many clothing stalls as well. It is quite busy and a good social time, Pol meets up with many friends. Carmelen takes Eduard to the airport, he is flying to Barcelona for the weekend to visit his mother.

It is Pol's birthday on Monday, and there is a party with friends in Palma tonight. Elections are on this weekend, and the main square there is packed with demonstrators who have set up camp. Pol is talking about going to meet people there after the party, and asks if we want to go along. We think that it is best not to, should the demonstration turn bad then we would not want to be caught up in it, especially as we don’t speak the language and it is likely we would get separated. Carmelen is going to a meeting in town at 6pm, then to a movie, and offers to collect us from the party. We are not sure if here is a bed for us in town tonight, so leave that open until after the movie.

We have a quiet afternoon and around 7 we catch the bus into Palma. In the square it is all very peaceful, there are a lot of people around with their families, and the large police presence we expected is not apparent. Pol cannot find his friends there, so we start walking a couple of kilometres to Marks place. We are there by 9pm, and the first to arrive. Later Pol is getting texts asking him to let people know when he arrives, ha ha, we give him a hard time. As with the other night, people are not arriving until late, it is around 10.30 before it really starts getting busy. Carmelen calls by to collect us after the movie, around 12.30, and we leave Pol with his friends. It was a great night, thought sometimes difficult to follow all the conversation, but we could pick up words here and there, and a lot of English was spoken to include us.

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