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We are camping at Signal Mountain campgrounds in the Tetons. Yes, there...

We drove through the Hoback River Valley. The highway followed it a...

Jackson Lake is still frozen. This is a few yards from where...



Do you remember a couple days back we mentioned that the bathroom floor was wet. Our reasoning was a driving rain storm was the culprit. I think it was wishful thinking on our part. The hallway was becoming wet also. So after much discussion we decided there must be a leak. Larry (Mr Handyman)got up this morning and tore out the bathroom carpet. YEP, we had a leak! So we got out our new DroidX phones and looked up a RV repair place. We figured they would be busy the week before a holiday weekend and were prepared to stay a couple days if we needed to. Don's RV repair said to come by and they would fit us in. We were there less than 2 hours. Toilet came out, leak was found and fixed and it was reinstalled. Very nice people. Thanks Don!

Next stop was Home Depot. We got some 'peel and stick' tile to put down once everything is dry. That will get us through this trip.

We left Rock Springs around 12:30 and headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson has no RV parks in or near town. Guess the real estate is too expensive and it does border on the Grand Teton Park. Only a couple camp grounds are open and there is still snow on the ground. Target opening date for the other campgrounds to open in June 2. We are parked in Signal Mountain Lodge campground and guess what? It's raining! They only take RV's less than 30 ft and some of the spaces are still covered with snow. We are not sure if we will stay 1 or 2 nights. We are going to drive around tomorrow and go back to Jackson

and walk around the downtown area.

Mileage: 28237

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