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Climbing from a switchback towards the mud slide

Driving thru the plowed out mud slide. Douglas Pass

Are we headed up or down?

Flaming Gorge area

We were down there!

Gophie is on the move.

Our home for the night. We were not alone.

Today we left Clifton Co and headed North up HWY 139. It turned out to be a "white knuckle" drive. At least for the passenger. I think Larry was just saying small prayers under his breath. We climbed to 8200 feet through Douglas Pass. Our first sign of trouble was when we read there were 10 switchbacks ahead. They were true switchbacks that were posted 20 mph. The view was great when we could take our eyes off the road. We got to the top and there had been a mud slide. It was plowed through and you felt like you were in a tunnel. We stopped in Rangley at the grocery store and drove through Dinasour UT. Cute town, everything is dinesour related.

Then we drove on and hit 191 in Utah and low and behold we had 3 more passes to climb that were 8000 plus feet. Without he switchbacks we could breath and enjoy the scenery. We drove through Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. I have pictures of the scenery and the dam.

We got to Rock Springs Wy. and decided we would attempt our first night in a WalMart parking lot. There were several motorhomes and 5th wheelers already set up. A storm blew through right after we set up. We set and watched the shopping carts fly across the parking lot. That was our entertainment for the evening.

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