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The most brave/human friendly monkey that was actually wild

Beautiful Setting sun with Volcan Concepcion

So far, this is the longest we have spent in one place (5 nights) and it still feels like we are rushing, for tomorrow we move on to another country.

The time spent here was well worth it. We spent most of the time in the Hacienda on the second half of the island (which is made up of two adjoined Volcanoes). The bus that brought us here only had to complete roughly a 20km journey, yet it still took us nearly 3 hours. We just need to get across the state of the roads here, not just bare paths or unpaved, but rocky as a sheer mountainside. We learnt this to our dismay because our first activity was to complete a "small" -hired- bike ride back to the first half for some groceries ( all the major towns are on the bigger half). Our back sides wish we had spent the $30 dollars or so for a taxi, a time needed for a fully suspended bike. This did however reveal some interesting wild life in some unusual places. On the way back we stopped for a restful ice cream and low and behold behind the shop (apart from Forest as is the case with most places) we spotted a monkey, then another and then about 10 more. Two species, Howlers and Cappaucins, one of which was brave enough to get within a meter of us, obviously looking for food or used to tourists giving it out (see pic). To this poor monkeys dismay he was attacked by two magpie look alikes (blue instead of black and much prettier). At the same time we caught a glimpse of a black and yellow snake AND a vulture (king?) decided to land for more photo ops.

Our plans for the next day were to take it easy and give our legs a rest. Instead we got back on the bikes to do half the distance we did the day before to a location called The Ojo de Agua (Eye of Water). A man made pool which is fed by natural springs is the best way to sooth a sore bum (and hot body). With a friendly cormorant and rope swing, this is a must see for anyone (not to sound like a guide). The water was clear and the hammocks shaded. Its just a shame we had to make a return trip on bikes :(. This was made up by a wonderful sunset, filled will colour and majesty (see pic, which includes the larger of the two Volcanoes Concepcion)

Thinking we could finally have a rest, we realised if we wanted to see these Volcanoes we have been living on, we had to plan it for a Saturday, no rest for the wicked. There isnt too much to say about the accompanying 7 hours, as the rain started at 5 am and didnt stop until about 5pm. This gave us not much to see and no mood for photos, not that we could with all the cloud. Our guide only spoke Spanish, but Jen gave an excellent effort at chit chat. Its not every day you see a crab on a Volcano either and the guide gave us a little show of man vs crab, I think it ended in a draw. On the return we came back to a very soggy tent and not much was dry either.

With this in mind we have the following day, planning for the next leg in Costa Rica, including drying all our belongings. Now complete, ready for bed and a day of traveling tomorrow.

On the whole, this island has been a real treat and not terribly expensive either.

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