Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Don and me at lunch

John and Don at lunch

The 3 amigos

On our way on John's boat

The boat


Our camp from the water

Cutting the underlayment

Manually nailing the Underlayment

Jeanne using the nail air-gun

Dennis & Alisha (To-Be Homeowners) nailing

Another friend for Izzy & Trevor

Nailing in the dark

Nailing Underlayment

Some work going on outside, too

We are still doing the boys thing while the girls are doing theirs. From what Shirley and Jeanne are saying they are having a fantastic time with their Habitat projects. We guys had just an outstanding day on the water yesterday at Lake Lanier in North GA. My buddy John VanCamp took Don and me out on his boat for the second day. Friday was an absolutely beautiful day for boating. 83 degrees, Cloudless and very light winds. What a perfect day and we were out all day. Our first destination was lunch at a little place on the lake and the food was terrific. Then more cruising. We stopped for a swim. The water was a tad brisk but we enjoyed it. After we were done it was back to camp for dinner and a fire. Personal note here. I have 3 best friends in my life. One is my father, the other two are Don Orilio who I have known for 40 years and the other is John VanCamp who I have known for 13 or 14 years. I had no doubt the two would get along well but they had only heard me talk about each of them. John and Don got along famously. I was very pleased and proud. We had so much fun for two days. Today, Sat. Don and I did laundry and are just hanging out. We have been eating well and been having the occasional beer. We meet back up with the girls tomorrow then the 4 of us are off to Nashville. Enjoy the pics.....sorry they are small.

From Rome, GA: What an exceptional time we've had volunteering for Habitat. Today we went back to the house and worked on installing underlayment. Twenty-five folks showed up this am and 12 stayed through the afternoon. You can imagine the noise created by a circular saw and 19 hammers nailing plus an power nail gun!

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