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Mount Rainier

Sue and Linda

The Snow Capped Cascades

More of the Cascades

The Mountain is Out

We slept in this morning then headed down to Yakima to visit Linda. On the way we got some nice views of Mount Rainier (which "was out" today). We had a nice visit with Linda talking about old times, families and travels. We went to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant near her home and visited until the restaurant people probably considered asking us to leave. On our way home we took a scenic route that Linda had suggested which runs along a river through some foothills. When we got off of the main highway to get to the scenic route, we stopped at a fruit place and bought some Aplets and Cotlets. We had seen the sign on the way to Linda's and ask her about them. They are apple (Aplet) and apricot (Cotlet) juices mixed with pectin and sugar with walnuts added then cut and coated with more sugar. Of course we had to buy some. They are quite good. We like the Cotlets best. The scenic route was pretty and, at the end, we saw the snow capped Cascades.

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