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The Town of Leavenworth

More of the Town

Direction Post in Town

Nestled in the Cascades

The May Pole from Mayfest

Acres of Flowering Pear Trees Near Leavenworth

The Cascades

Our RV Park

The Flooding

The Raging River

Beginning Mileage 115909 Ending Mileage 116016

Ellensburg KOA 32 Thorp Hwy S Ellensburg, WA 93926 800-562-7616 8.5/8.5/7.5 $37.50/nt

We got a later start since we had only a little over a hundred miles to go. When we left Auburn, it was cloudy but not raining. By the time we got into the Cascades, the clouds were veils on the mountains and it was raining and cold. In fact, by the time we reached the top, it was snowing (just a little) and 31 degrees. As we headed down into the valley it cleared up and got warmer. We arrived in Ellensburg shortly after noon but it was a while before we got set up. The RV Park is right on the river and they had had some flooding the night before. The first site they assigned us was not 50amp and was a bit of a quagmire so we moved to a higher, drier site. It is a beautiful park and in normal times being right on the river must make it even more desirable. After we got settled, we had lunch at Perkins then drove up to Leavenworth. The drive up is very pretty as you head into the Cascades. Just before you get to Leavenworth are acres of pear trees all of which were in bloom. Leavenworth is at the foot of the Cascades and had turned itself into a Bavarian town much like Helen in our neck of the woods. Last weekend had been Mayfest and the May Pole was still up. We walked through many of the shops. When we finished we came back to the RV Park, finished setting up and settled in for the night.

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