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Great Grandpa Shape

His Story

On the Klondike

The End of the Story

Beautiful Tulips

And More

And More

And More

And More

And More

Deception Pass Bridge

Deception Pass Sign

The Blue Green Water

Kayakers and Fishermen

Beautiful Scenery

Sue and Bill at Deception Pass

Boat on the Run for More Fish

Wildflowers at Deception Pass

More Scenery

Sandy picked us up at 8:15am and we met Jamie for breakfast at a neat cafe in town. The food was delicious and we enjoyed seeing Jamie again. When we finished, Jamie went to work and the rest of us went back to the city to visit the Klondike Museum. This is a National Park Service Museum and it details the journeys of five men who braved the hardships of the Klondike Gold Rush. One of the five is Great Grandpa Shape. It was neat to follow his journey at the different stations and learn more about the life and rough times that he and the others endured. At the end we saw a movie which showed the men going over the Chilkoot Trail and Dead Horse Pass (Dead Horse is the route Great Grandpa Shape took. It was amazing that any of them survived. Only a few ever found their dream but most of the survivors, including Great Grandpa Shape, said it was an experience that would remain unforgettable. He felt that the good health benefits alone were worth the trip. When we left the museum, we drove up to Mount Vernon, WA. This is where the majority of the tulips and tulip bulbs come from. Unfortunately we were too late to see the fields and fields of tulips which had already been cut, but we went to a display garden and were able to see many gorgeous varieties. From there we drove over to Deception Pass. As you can read from the sign in the pictures, this pass was named by Captain Vancouver. The area has magnificent scenery and there were many boats in the pass fishing. We took pictures on one side looking out toward Vancouver Island, then walked down some steps and under the bridge to take pictures of the other side looking toward the mainland. Then we walked across the bridge and back down and under. We drove on down Whidbey Island and took the ferry to Everett. In Everett, is the Boeing Plant with what was once the world's largest building. It is a giant hangar for the Boeing aircraft. On our way home, we stopped in Kent for dinner. It was a long but very interesting day and we came home and crashed.

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