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Fresh snow May 12 at Sunshine Valley


Brand new clubhouse


This community centre housed 100's of Japanese interned here during World War...

Part of Sumallo River




Sumallo River



No close neighbours!

Bear at the side of the road just past the entrance to...


Engineers Road

Hope Slide - 1965


Kawkawa Lake near Hope

Mighty Fraser River!

Lake of the Woods near Hope


Blossoms - in spite of the cold!

Side Bar - The boys' project in Sechelt - The view from...


East side of the wall

Incredibly big rocks!

End of Day 1

Day 2 - Aaron working on the stairs

There will be 2 inches of beach sand put here


Fire pit will be put on this side

View from the beach

View from the deck




Back to Sunshine Valley - the meadow behind the park

At dusk, the mule deer gather here

Similkameen River - Keremeos

Eagle RV Park - Keremeos

Alpacas at the farm behind the park - there were several sheep...

K Mountain watches over Keremeos

Nice cattle!

There were lots of calves

Nk'Mip Campground - Osoyoos

Dwarf varieties of apples - more can be produced per acre than...

Red Bridge built in 1907, restored in 2005. One of the last...

Lilacs in bloom at the RV Park

Sportsmen's Slide, a large talus slide, contain semiprecious stones.

The RV Park is to the right of the complex with the...

Osoyoos Lake

We found some drag races! Wine Country Racing Association


Nice red Pinto - it ran really well too!


Model A

Volunteer Fire Department waiting for something to happen

Royal York RV Park - attached to Royal York Golf Course in...

At our site at Swan Lake

Larry visiting with Frank, our wonderful neighbour. He has a great grape...

Long-time friends Harry and Pam from Peachland

Ken and Mavis who live in Vernon

One benefit of rain!

Bob who used to work with Larry in Victoria

Goats at the Log Barn


This old guy waited patiently for Pat to fill the cup with...

Then he reeled it up


Larry's big chair!

Larry and Steve



Nice swing chair

Making cheese at the Village Cheese Shop


Hey, this isn't cheese!!??



Pat and Steve with their purchases

Bees at Planet Bee

The queen's in there somewhere - we saw her!


Donkey at Davison Farm


There's something really good in there

Waiting for food

This guy didn't have to wind his own food up.


View of Okanagan Lake from The Rise - golf course and subdivision

Swan Lake is quite high too

Beautiful scented wildflowers


In Sechelt - our goose family are quite brave

The eagle made a noise and everyone hit the ground

Run for your life!

Kelly in his ball shirt

Aaron at the ferry

When we left Traveland on May 10, we headed to Sunshine Valley, 6 km east of Hope. This is also a Holiday Trails Resort which we have had a membership at since 1992. This resort is not quite finished yet but is supposed to be be completed by August 2011. The pools (one indoor and one outdoor) and the three hottubs (2 indoor and 1 outdoor) should be ready then. Otherwise it's quite a nice location, about 20 minutes from Hope. Since our coach is so new, we are still learning about it. One of the things we learned is to make sure that things are secure in the big residential fridge. When we arrived at Sunshine Valley and opened the fridge, a few things fell out, including the container of feta cheese which of course broke. While we were cleaning that up, a hummingbird flew in the front door and tried to get out through the windshield. Maureen was able to shoo it toward the door until it landed, then she picked it up with a towel and it flew away. We learned later it is actually quite tame. It lands on the workers shoulders all the time and also visits the office.

This is a pretty area just past the Hope slide. In the 1940's this area served as Tashme, a Japanese internment camp. Over 2500 people lived here at one time mostly in uninsulated buildings. The government of the time promised that those interned would get their property back when it was all over but then proceeded to sell it all at auction.

From Sunshine Valley we went to Keremeos. The Hope Princeton Highway is windy and narrow but from the viewpoint of the passenger seat in the RV you can see right down to the river at the bottom. Beautiful! Eagle Campground in Keremeos was just small but we fit. The people were really nice. We did some exploring around the area, checking out the Red Bridge. There are no local fruit or veggies available yet.

Then we went to Osoyoos to Nk'Mip Campground. We had to move from the first site because the satellite wouldn't clear the trees. Then we were fine. There was evidence all around that there had been heavy rains lately. The lake was quite high. We wandered around Osoyoos a bit, stopping at our very favourite hardware store - Home Hardware - and also finding the WCRA event at the airport (Wine Country Racing Association).

We then ended up at Royal York RV Park. This park is attached to the Royal York Golf Course in Armstrong. We had to stay here two nights because we couldn't get into our site which we own at the Swan Lake Recreation RV Resort until May 18.

The weather hasn't been fantastic. Still raining off and on and quite cool. At least everything's green - when we usually come through here in September it is brown and dry.

We moved to our site at Swan Lake on the 18th. Our friend Allan was in the site for a month before us. He really likes it and usually stays there for a month in the spring. Our neighbours Frank and Elaine were a welcome sight. Frank looks after our lawn and shrubs when we're not there. We had a couple of good happy hours, usually revolving around a hockey game and ending up as dinner also. Thanks Elaine!

While at Swan Lake we got in a couple of golf games and a dinner with our friends Ken and Mavis. We also meet up with them in Yuma in the winter. We went in the Legion golf tournament on May 29 and had a great rib dinner and prizes. Larry won closest to the pin. While we were there a man came up to Larry (Bob Kreiser) and it turned out to be a man he had worked with at Electrohome about 30 years ago. Small world!

We had planned to go back to Bridal Falls to meet Maureen's sister and husband, Pat and Steve. There were reports of snow still on the Coquihalla which means more sand/rocks so we opted not to do it. They decided to fly to Kelowna instead and we picked them up. They stayed two nights. We saw some sights we had not seen before - the Log Barn, Davison Farm and Planet Bee - and stopped at the Village Cheese Shop in Armstrong. We were actually able to see them making cheese this time. Their cheese is so good. We normally get a five year old cheddar.

Pat and Steve left on the 2nd and on the 3rd we drove down to Sechelt in the Jeep. We had to make a couple of stops in White Rock - doctor and Maureen's hair - so it took about 12 hours to get to the cottage. We had a great visit with the boys. Kelly played a few ball games while we were there. We headed back on June 6 to prep for leaving the next day for points east.

We're on the road again!!

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