Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Brummet, Robert, Betty Sanders

After the tour

Inside Brummet's house with beautifully refurbished hardwoods

View from our site

All's fine for the nite

Great site. They ALL were.

We were on the road again yesterday and again stayed in a beautiful campground. There was however, no Internet connectivity. Sorry for the late entry. On our way we stopped in Fairfax SC to visit with Betty Sanders and two of her adult children Robert and Brummet. Betty is the sister of Aunt Beckie Strachan. Always a pleasure to see these folks. I can remember being a kid when we first met. Then a number of times we all met up at Lake Murry outside of Columbia SC for plenty of fun. We travelled to our next overnight in Raysville GA at another Corp of Engineer parks. They are always on the water and this one was superb. Enjoy the pics.

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